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Porsche Club of Queensland Social Director


The Social Director is responsible for organizing and executing various social activities and events through-out the year. The aim is to organise an event every calendar month that will appeal to the majority of club members, taking into account what has been well supported previously, the club budget and suggestions from members.


Organise Drive Days for members and non-members to get together and drive their cars in a safe and friendly environment. Plan the route to be taken and distribute the route guide to all participants. Organise the lunch location, menu and oversee any pre-payments.

Ensure Social and Motorsport days do not clash on the same weekend (except on organised weekends where motorsport and social events are combined – i.e. Morgan Park 2 day motorsport event, with Social Winery Tour) and try to keep events at reasonable timeframes and away from other major sporting events.

Organise the Xmas Party / Motorsport Awards in December. Arrange all aspects of the party:

• Source the venue, organise menus, entertainment, decoration, and Invitations .

• Work with motorsport on the trophies for motorsport and social.

• Oversee payments to the club.

Ensure all social activities are forwarded to the Communications Director for publication in the Club Magazine, Website and E Newsletters.

Fulfilling the responsibilities of the PCQ committee member in relation to; attending committee meetings, assisting on general club management and voting on decisions as required.


Being the Social Director of the Porsche Club of Queensland is an opportunity to meet new and interesting people.

The opportunity to work with a friendly and dedicated team on the committee to contribute to the overall running of the club.

Contact Email:

Telephone:            0451 928 692