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Porsche and motorsport are synonymous. From their first success with the 356 at Innsbruck in 1948 through to their 18th victory at Le Mans in 2016 with the 919, motorsport has always been a major part of Porsche ideology. The Porsche marque has achieved success at the highest levels of motorsport including circuit racing, endurance, rally, hill climb, Targa events and also provided engines for a number of championship winning Formula 1 cars. The results of competition research, development and achievements have provided Porsche road cars with the levels of performance and safety ideally suited to club level motorsport.

Historically PCQ has always had a motorsport competition and with the recent rebuilding of our Club motorsport, the range of events has been expanded, the club competition rules simplified and fine-tuned to ensure all members have the opportunity to be part of the fairer competition regardless of the Porsche model they drive.

The Club welcomes and encourages novices to participate in our motorsport events and every effort is made to ensure they are comfortable and do not find their first event too daunting. There are many members with plenty of club level motorsport experience only too willing to help fellow members be part of our motorsport events and competition. If you have never participated in a motorsport event, and would like to enter an event, contact the Club Motorsport Director for help in getting started.

The Club motorsport calendar does not include races. However many of our members who started their motorsport at Club sprints, have gone on to compete in races including Carrera Cup. Sprints are held on circuits such as Morgan Park, Lakeside and Queensland Raceway. Drivers are competing against the clock with the aim of improving their lap time, not racing the other cars in their group. Run groups are determined by lap times expected from that driver and car, with cars doing similar lap times grouped together. This is not only for safety reasons, but also for the comfort of drivers, particularly novices.

Other events in our competition include, but are not limited to, hill climbs, motorkhanas, khanacross and autocross which are lower speed events. The driver is again competing against the clock, and are events ideally suited for standard road going Porsches. These types of events are a great starting point for novices wanting to have their first go at motorsport. Many of our events are also rounds of the Inter Club Challenge where PCQ competes against other car clubs in a friendly competition with other like- minded car enthusiasts.

Our aim is to provide affordable and fun motorsport that allows all members, regardless of driver experience or model of car, the chance to be part of a fair and friendly club level motorsport competition. Our motorsport events also give members the opportunity to experience the performance levels and driving pleasure of their Porsches in a safe environment with no threat to their driver’s licence. For those keen on the competition side, points are awarded for each event along with end of year trophies awarded for each class based on Porsche models and overall Club champion.

Club Motorsport Event dates and 2020 Motorsport Rules are available via the links on the right. We encourage you to read through the motorsport rules prior to attending.